ANNIE HARDY took on SHOBMX and everyone had pie….

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July 12, 2012 by sshhoobbmmxxbblloogg

it’s been a while in coming, but here is the “interview” between me and the deliciously foul mouthed Annie Hardy from Giant Drag…. words and shit below the photo that i stole from the pages of iD magazine…

1. Who are you, and what do you do?

I’m Annie Hardy and I am Giant Drag, like a superhero but a really slow one.

2. Cat vs Dog vs Pig vs Ninja…. who wins?

My cat Charlie could beat any animal up, she’s from the streets. AND she’s mad pregnant.

3. Roar Scratch…your label… your rules? Hows life as a label head honcho?

My label does rule but it’s not my rules, it never is…if you wanna get technical it’s mine and Joe Cardamone’s label which releases (so far anyway) exclusively mine and Joe’s band’s records.

But a label means nothing today except that you a. aren’t on a record label so you make up your own b. start a label because you don’t want to make up your own music but you want to work in this sinking ship of an industry c. have power or produce a lot of bands and a major label gives you money to run your label with funding and distribution through them (also acting as a nice little tax write off for the major label who you are a subsidiary of) or d. have money and power and start your own label to get your own tax write off in conjunction with either a. or b. and not limited to c. and the added bonus of telling everyone you have a record label. I’m a. for Annie. 

Like all things that happen in my life (including the making of my life) our label started as a joke which was made at my expense and turned into something somewhat real. Somewhere during the year of making this Giant Drag record we came up with the label thanks to my inability to say the name of those ink blot tests correctly, then I made a sweet logo which Micah & co. (that is “computer” not “company”) made cooler and then I released the Swan Song EP on it (with distribution thru RED), obviously the label isn’t helping my finished record be out and in anyone’s hand at the moment but it does have a late fall release planned with distribution through Cobraside who also put out The Icarus Line record in August.

Cobraside is awesome because they’re 2 dudes running a tight ship 15 minutes away from my house with realistic goals and best of all they are vinyl enthusiasts, specialists even. If there’s one thing fans & I both complain about & ask for (that I cannot supply) it’s vinyl. At last, the day is coming where ONE UK exclusive 7inch won’t be the extent of Giant Drag on vinyl.

(1888-521-2215.. I dunno what this phone number is… but it’s here, making me think it may be somewhat important… to me possibly, not this interview, maybe not me either since my laptop gets passed around like the village whore…in fact the village whore used my laptop last)

4. Joe Cardamone said you were his favorite collaborator. Who is yours? Or… who’d be a dream guest?

Y’know, I don’t like favourite anything’s unless it is pizza or ice cream (which also tends to change). Joe is my favorite collaborator so far. I had a sweet birthday treat on June 4th, him and Charlotte Froom (formerly of the Like, possibly my sister but not the Jewish part or the big breasted part…yeah we are not related) anyway although this ‘supergroup’ had only 2 practices pre-show it was super fun! I also like when Joe gets tired at IL practice and I get to use his TC Helicon pedals and sound like a man. So me as a man is my dream collaboration… and just my dream.

I would love to collaborate with the myth I call Andy Hardy, he’s the man! Joe isn’t too shabby either, we are both thinking of ideas the other would never dream of so sometimes it really works out well. If not we argue.

5. Dinner party…. you + 5… name ‘em?

I haven’t named these guests yet as they’re still in my cat’s uterus, I’ll have to get back to you on this. If I have learned anything during this turbulent half decade and especially as of late, it is that in life, each and every person will disappoint you if you have any expectations of them (like, any whatsoever, not limited to “just don’t try to kill me and we’re cool”), everyone will take your money and use you for all your worth with only the worst of intentions (that may have been a me problem but I’m sure I’m not alone… at least not in this feeling, right?), definitely everyone will and probably already are lying to you or about you and then when confronted about said lie that same person will say that the lie was your fault anyway and then try to make you feel like a dick for questioning why you’d request honesty in a friendship, and being a human you’ll feel like a dick because you’ve been that same, shitty friend to someone at some point, not limited to the very moment this is all happening, or you’ve been nice to the jerks and ignored the nice people that were hanging around the outskirts of your life waiting for the dicks to lickety split.

Life’s weird, people are dicks as long as they are people. But letting the dicks in (HA!) is your fault, you choose what you will be affected by. Usually based on fear, ego and other lame shit. People are lame but knowing you’re no better is the first step towards not caring.

But whatever the case, sometimes I just want everyone to shut the fuck up while I eat unless their initials are TV. Y’know I love my family which is about 5 people if you add 1 non-relative (parents really disappoint when you learn they’ve just been people this whole time but my fam is the jam so I’m way cool with them). Now my BFF happens to be a cat and Charlie is full of endless love and is a silent, compassionate listener and she’s all the things I look for & try to be in a friend.Of course I failed her, one of my dick friends let her outside to have unprotected sex and now she is all pregnant. 

6. Whats been going on? Theres been little noise from GD of late….

Well, a lot. After those last two questions I started getting exhausted, rightfully so since it’s 5am almost. Hmm, where to start?! I’ve been going through a bunch of drama with men in their 30′s & 40′s acting like girls in their teens, playing telephone with my life which has been a blast and a half. I’ve been doing some deep sea fishing all up in my soul and learning shit about myself, I’m not sure I even wanted to know but now I know (i.e. dinner question) and I’ve been working hard and enjoying it. I realized that all kinds of shit like getting dropped from a major label really emotionally set me back as far as my want and need to write and play my music again.

I got screwed because I let myself get apathetic about my own music so I’ve done some spring cleaning and made it so I am 100% responsible for all success or failure that may come my way. I had to soul search and get out of my comfort zone and behind an organ to re-discover my early 2000′s passion for my music again and it’s made me crazy but also crazy happy that I care again. Doing work is the only thing that feeds the beast within. I’ve empowered myself (with help, of course, from others) and I am now changing everything I used to think was set in stone because I’ve seen the scene and it is sad. 

Besides a few bands, LA music blows. I am not into “indie rock” or whatever that is so I’m changing GD’s line up (to be announced very soon) and taking risks that may not be wise to some but to me I’m going with people who want nothing more than to play music, untapped talent if you will. Even I have broken my own rules of not having another girl in the band. 

Basically Giant Drag is coming back with an album that’ll fucking confuse people and a live show that I hope will get rid of the “indie” and just be rock… all while having a vagina. I hope it works out or I will have to default to plan C, my Christian solo project Judy Priest. Or D, stripping. I keep the faith that my fans support me and welcome change (unless it comes in the form of blond hair) because the new LP is all over the place, even making fun of this hip trend to sing like a bitch over “indie rock” riffs. 

The world needs rock and I plan to deliver it. People are disgruntled and poor (I know I am on government assistance in the form of food stamps and I’m not afraid to say it, I’m done with bullshit and posturing like I see many a band do, I’m a white bitch living in poverty and that is my truth) and they need a release of tension and I want to help. I’ve been helping others and I’m ready to help myself release some tension and for the first time in years I’m excited about the future and my own band. Some shady shit went down which took me years to come back from but the stars are aligned and I couldn’t be more stoked. I’ve grown (now I know why they’re called growing pains and not growing parties) and I’m older & wiser (despite what some “men” may be saying, I think my balls are bigger than theirs anyway) and I’m gonna let GD version 3.0 rock out with our lack of cocks out. Everything that scares me, I now welcome with open arms as a challenge

I have a lot of work & re-paying of fans to do and I’m just trying to do that. I have lost my mind, found it again, been sick, gone to Orange County, been thinking and getting ready to reclaim “cats” and “girl music” and undo the boy/girl duo’s gimmick. I’m way over it, it’s a gimmick that’s played out. Although it is very convenient. The lack of simple yet good songs is what the people need. I think I can do that… in fact (besides off the dome freestyles) it’s my specialty. So get ready, cuz here I come.

7. Chris Isaak…. broke your heart, stole your song. Ever call you?

Never. Totally hates me. Broke my hymen as well. 

8. First record you bought / borrowed / stole from a thrift store?

Snow White picture disc soundtrack. Disney is like a warm blanket that brings me comfort when everything sucks.  

9. If GD were to cover ANY song, what would it be and why?

Well I am a fan of covers. We covered “Sun Is Shining” by Bob Marley because… I wanted to and it’s just a weird choice but now I’m really genre hopping with my new interest in covering “Need You Now” by Lady Antebellum. That’s some fucked up shit right there and I love it. It’s a country/pop crossover that I intend to just molest until it’s as Giant Drag as Wicked Game.

Besides being last year’s major hit, this song is talking about real shit, feelings instead of architecture, PLUS it gives me the hope that some dude with a nice voice and the balls to cover this with me will come along and finally give me the dream I’ve been waiting for, a duet. Shit, it’s been long enough. Dudes can’t get past their ego’s and shit to sing on a Billboard topper like this song but thanks to TC-Helicon vocal pedals I can sound like a guy a duet with myself. 

10. Always a lotta focus on your inter song banter. Does being a pottymouth make for a good frontperson?

Apparently it does, this new record has no potty mouth song titles so we shall see if the music speaks for itself. 

11. I’m (semi)famous amongst people who know me for having a bit of a crush on you. But who’s your (guilty) crush?

I’m not into dudes right now. No crushing unless it’s metaphorically. I have a pregnant cat and a record cycle to work, I’m busy, dudes are distractions. 

12. Which CA bands deserve our kindness? Rather than letting Pitchfork / Fader / XLR8R hype them for ass fuck scene cred, we’d like to let people know the good old fashioned way. So… who’s under the radar and deserves a shout?

I think LA and all other music I have heard is deplorable. The Icarus Line finally deserves attention. That has nothing to do with me, Joe started writing real songs, does that have something to do with our “Trading Places” type thing from being friends so long? Not sure, I do know there are songs on Wildlife that sounds like I’m singing and it’s Joe…maybe I am biased. 

13. What are your plans for the rest of ’11?

Dominate, “rock” without the “indie”, release my record in late fall and follow that up with as much music & touring as possible, blow minds, change minds. Watch Charlie give birth, experience the miracle of life, try to quit smoking and hope to not be poor. I need insurance so I can get all physical therapist’ed for my scoliosis & chronic pain & be in touring shape. Must get to UK…Most of all I am calling bullshit on everything I see. Myself, others, shitty bands. I call bullshit and I don’t take shit. Not anymore.

14.  Odd Future…. future of hip hop or hyped to fuck scene retards?

Don’t know, don’t care. Sounds like bullshit but honestly I don’t think I’ve ever heard that band. Nothing has grabbed me by the gut and demanded my attention in a long ass time.Is hip hop…. hip? 

15. If you had an Annie Hardy action figure…. what would it’s super skill awesome feature be?

Sleeping for 2 days in a row when it gets it’s period. Being a chick and trying to make rock music anyway, not to be confused with the record which somewhat mocks the shitty music that’s all around us. Fuck “pretty good” bands, I call bullshit, I want to care.

Bands should make you want to barf when you hear their songs, they should be authentic and not sing about furniture or whatever these people are singing about (a whole lot of nothing as far as I can tell) what ever happened to songs that mean something? Remember high school? It should feel like that. But hey, what do I know?


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