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July 12, 2012 by sshhoobbmmxxbblloogg

So, being an obsessive compulsive, and having a sickening craving for lists; today’s list is a selection of bands that WILL definitely enrich your life. all are easily findable on youtube/myspace/illegal download sites….

  1. Black Moth Super Rainbow – analogue electronica made with 1970s gizmos sieved through a sunshine filter of pastoral loveliness.
  2. The Icarus Line – self styled last gang in town… one of my FAVORITE bands of the last 10 years, gutter smart garage punk woven with drone, psych and real attitude, not some pseudo vibe.
  3. Giant Drag – girl/boy duo with heavy stoner riffs and indie pop gorgeousness, i’m also hot for Annie Hardy. truth.
  4. Dios – aka Dios(Malos) CA based sunshine noise pop merchants.
  5. Joy Zipper – Druggy dream indie pop. Lush dual harmonies and acoustic folky goodness juxtaposed with crashing noise rock-esque riffage.
  6. HEALTH – because they fucking destroy.
  7. Sunn O))) – because doom metal IS real metal.
  8. DNA – practically invented no-wave synth boredom and angular art rock non-drumming. AS important as SUICIDE, The Contortions or Teenage Jesus in bringing NYC back into actual releavnce, as opposed to sketchy Studio 54 disco or bubblegum garage.
  9. Flop – oft overlooked youthful grunge band from Seattle. 1993 was a vintage year, they had some seriously ace songs…. truth.
  10. Pussy Galore – because Jon Spencer is a genius at both modernist blues AND noise.
  11. Royal Trux – for being one of THE most awesome bands ever. heavy, soft, experimental, bored, awesome.

and thats your lot… sorry i’m not listing super obscure buzz bands or really hard to find shit, but fuck you. my blog, my list.

Hockey Temper, signing off…


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