Goodbye 2011, A Look Back… #2 Joe Cardamone

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July 12, 2012 by sshhoobbmmxxbblloogg

a second helping today of nostalgia, reminiscing and all that. this time its Icarus Line mainstay and all round fan of keeping things relevant, Joe Cardamone >>>


1. Highlight(s) of 2011 – Working on great records with some good people. Touring with The Icarus Line a bit.

2. Low Point(s) – Working all the time and the touring.

3. Unexpected gem of a band / record / track – Rowland S. Howard’s Pop Crimes. Although I had heard it when it initially came out in 2009 I wasn’t ready for the record until now. Also the remastered version of Funhouse which makes everything else pretty much sound soft and boring.

4. A Guilty Pleasure – Toddlers in Tiaras ( the TV show about fucked up parenting)

5. Tips for 2012 – Hey 2012 if you are going to be the end of the world can we have a couple really good months to go out with a bang? That would be nice. Like give everyone jobs and healthcare. You know, the spoils.

– Joe Cardamone >>



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