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July 12, 2012 by sshhoobbmmxxbblloogg

to whomever it may concern / whoever can be bothered to read this,

why why WHY WHY WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY must the same tired, boring, reheated and rehashed promoters / DJs / producers get all the slots, all the limelight and invariably all the acclaim? isn’t Brighton SUPPOSEDLY about experimentation? isn’t Brighton ALLEGEDLY based on some sort of even playing field…..?
so why is it then that any venue half decent is saturated with the same three or four “collectives”, none of whom are overly ambitious, except when it comes to rattling off hyperbole and semi-notional rhetoric on facebook event walls and postings in the SOURCE….

i mean, if you ACTUALLY back it up by playing aforementioned sub-genres, then perhaps you’d gain my respect. as it stands, you don;’t and therefore you don’t even qualify for the steam off my piss.

perhaps this is being written with particular venom as SHOBMX get nothing. no respect, no audience, no money. confrontational in our approach yes, but surely that makes us stand out?! we don’t claim to be reinventing DJ nights, nor do we hype ourselves up… we dont/can’t mix, we dont always play appropriate songs, we drink too much, we swear at people for asking for NME buzzbands…..

least we never sold out. we’d actually have to be a “success” to do that.

point is, WHY CAN’T VENUES / CLUBS / BARS take a chance on us? why does it just have to be a circulartory system of hipsters pretending to be earnest, wannabe superstars thinking this is New York in the mid 80s, posers playing music that just highlights their sheep ways…. baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa etc.

so in short fuck BRIGHTON. fuck hipsters. fuck me.

but most importantly FUCK YOU!

*_theres every chance SHOBMX will soon self implode under all the built up angst and hatred. pat yourselves on the back in due course.



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