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July 12, 2012 by sshhoobbmmxxbblloogg

Because we are constant whine-y fucks, we feel compelled to harass / interrogate / make friends with RELEVANT musical people from both sides of the pond… this time SHOBMX had a quick round of Q&A with John Famiglietti from everyones’ favorite noise band HEALTH….. read the words below the pleasing photography>>>>


1. who are you, and what do you do?
John Famiglietti. Bassman and Noiseman for HEALTH.

2. triceratops, t-rex or marvel action hero?
Marvel. X-Man. Nightcrawler.

3. HEALTH (LP) was recorded at stupid o’clock, for no cash money at
The Smell…. has it now become a hipster hotspot?
It definitely had quite an uptick in attendance and clientele around
the scene getting national attention around 2007-2009. Things have
calmed down now and it appears to have returned to its natural state.

4. What is a Zoothorn and why is it such a prominent fixture in the
HEALTH live set up?
Its a microphone hooked up to our effects rig. Feedback is the
beginning of many or our sounds. Mics feedback easier than guitars.

5. You have links with several other bands, most notably CC due to the
Crimewave collab… but who would be HEALTHs dream studio
We’d really love to work with Reznor and Moulder again.

6. There was an interview on Youtube where John claimed the band would
try and write a 4/4 120bpm “dance” song… lies? truth? progress?
How old is that thing? Sounds like I would’ve said that years ago.
Now we have plenty of 4/4 and nowadays I suppose it wouldn’t be 120.
We have a few dance songs now nothing at 120 though.

7. Are Noise Rock dirty words these days? Or is the genre still
valid, without being the playground for hip kids trying to be current?
I wish. Genres don’t mean a whole lot anymore.

8. Plans for the tail end of 2011?
Finish this new record. That’s our only priority.

9. HEALTH are a band frequently banded around by the supposed styles
bibles, coolest blogs and hip youths. Do you appreciate the attention,
or would you rather be judged on output alone, rather than by being
name dropped?
I appreciate the attention.

10. Crimewave was a cover / remix by CC. What song would HEALTH most
like to play around with?
Weve been playing with Pictureplane’s Goth Star awhile now. I think its good.

11. The sweepstake contest that tied in with Get Color being released
was a pretty bold step, did the end result justify the backlash?

12. Whats the best rumor you heard about yourselves?
That we accidentally killed a man with our van and fled the scene.
That shit lasted for years…and fuck that guy anyway.

13. Is Jupiter super shy or is his silence laced with contempt for
interviews? or both?
Jupiter is a crazy dude.

14. Who are your current underground / untouched by evil empires
(pitchfork, fader etc) bands in LA? Bixby Knolls are getting rave
reviews from other interviewees…. any good?




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