SHOBMX vs Dawn Geary…. An Interview.

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July 12, 2012 by sshhoobbmmxxbblloogg


Shes a former crush of the day, and such was the rampant support for her, we just had to dig a little deeper and do some transatlantic Q&A-ing;

SHOBMX – who are you, and what do you do?

DG – My name is Dawn Geary and when I’m not conspiring to rule the world, I’m just your average international superstar. 

SHOBMX – tiger or shark?

DG – What about a tiger shark? I would say shark, flat out, because evolution has made them brilliant killing machines; but I think I’m more like a tiger. You want to just run up and pet them because they’re so damn adorable, but one wrong move and it’s light’s out!


SHOBMX –  you hold a dinner party – you and 5 others… name that 5

DG – Bill Murray, because let’s face it, everyone else at the dinner party could be boring as hell, but you know Bill Murray is gonna bring it. William Zabka (Johnny Lawrence from the Karate Kid), because he’s Number #2 on my bucket list of people to meet. Justin Broadrick, so we can talk about good music and I can stare dreamily into his eyes. Jeez, this is starting to sound more like my dream orgy instead! haha. Alright, so definitely my buddy Ewen Macintosh (Keith from the Office) because he’s hilarious as hell and I think he’d keep me from making a total ass out of myself around the other three. And last but not least? Probably Daniel Tosh. So basically I want a dinner party with a mix of guys who make me laugh hysterically and whom I want to probably make out with.


SHOBMX – favorite band?

DG – Man, I never know how to quantify these things, because it’s so dependent on my mood. British Sea Power has always been my “go to” band no matter my mood, but I think The Knife has been steadily creeping up on their title as of late.


SHOBMX – guilty crush?

DG – I think we just covered the top three in the previous question. haha. Although I do admittedly have a bit of a thing for Stephen Merchant.


SHOBMX –  if you had a superpower, what would it be and why?

DG – I’d never want to be a mind reader, that’d be terrible. So maybe invisibility, because that seems as if it’d come in handy now and again. I would say flight, but if you could just go invisible and sneak onto a plane past security that’d be nice for sure.

SHOBMX – left or right?

DG – Left. I’m a lefty, and we’re in our right minds. haha.

SHOBMX – what do you think of the blog?

DG – I love it and have become a big fan. My brother actually called me up a few weeks ago and wanted me to email him the website url so he could show off to his coworkers that his sister was on a website, on the other side of the world, as your “Crush of the Day.”

SHOBMX – favorite joke?

DG – A little boy goes up to his father and asks: “Dad, what’s the difference between hypothetical and reality?”
The father replies: “Well son, I could give you the book definitions, but I feel it could be best to show you by example. Go upstairs and ask your mother if she’d have sex with the mailman for $500,000.”
The boy goes and asks his mother: “Mom, would you have sex with the mailman for $500,000?” The mother replies: “Hell yes I would!”
The little boy returns to his father: “Dad, she said ‘Hell yes I would!’”
The father then says: “Okay, now go and ask your older sister if she’d have sex with her principal for $500,000.”
The boy asks his sister: “Would you have sex with your principal for $500,000?” The sister replies: “Hell yes I would!”
He returns to his father: “Dad, she said ‘Hell yes I would!’”

The father answers: “Okay son, here’s the deal: Hypothetically, we’re millionaires, but in reality, we’re just living with a couple of whores.”

SHOBMX – plans for the rest of 2011?

DG – I’ll be making appearances at summer festivals, doing some travel, working a lot, and hanging out with my kickass dog, Brooklyn.

 SHOBMX – best metal band ever?

DG – Godflesh. Some might argue that they’re more “industrial” so for those that want to get technical, I’ll say At the Gates for choice B. But if you’re into metal, make sure to check out Winterfylleth. They’re Brits making insanely good metal. I mean, insanely good.

 SHOBMX – explain why people should get into D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) in 20 words or less…

DG – Who wouldn’t want to get slay dragons with their friends? It’s brilliant!


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