SHOBMX vs :KINEMA: the interview…..

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July 12, 2012 by sshhoobbmmxxbblloogg

carrying on our oddball series of seemingly random interviews with musical types, heres a lovely transcript of a wee chat with Dominic Ashton, from Brighton based sexual-disco-funk-electronica mongers :KINEMA:


SHOBMX – who are you, and what do you do?

DA – I’m Dom. I’m in a band called :kinema: – I write songs, sing them and produce them.

SHOBMX – tiger or shark?

DA – I love sharks so thats an easy one. sharks are just perfectly adapted to their environment and have been for a rather long time. I have a fossilised tooth from a Great White that I bought when I was a kid – it’s around 300 million years old (I remember being very impressed by this fact). Basically, sharks were here long before tigers and they will probably be around for a long time after all the tigers are well dead. I do have sympathy for the tigers though – apparently they are hunted because there is a real demand in China for their penises. Men eat them to increase virility supposedly (I mean, I haven’t ever been to China so that could just be total bullshit).

SHOBMX – you hold a dinner party – you and 5 others… name that 5

DA- If you’d asked me this a couple of years ago I probably would have said people like Oscar Wilde and other great talkers from modern history, or maybe a bunch of musicians and comedians that a really liked or something, but I’ve reached that age now where making conversation with people that I don’t know very well is a complete pain in the butt, so I guess just 5 of my friends.

SHOBMX – favorite band?

DA – this is too difficult a question. My favourite live band are The Whitest Boy Alive

SHOBMX – guilty crush?

DA – Sade I guess. Not that I feel particularly guilty about it. According to my itunes I’ve listened to ‘Love is Stronger Than Pride’ more than any other song. Hang on….are you talking about music here? If you just mean an actual guilty crush, like, on a girl, then yes, I have plenty.

SHOBMX – if you had a superpower, what would it be and why?

DA – I always say flying, but as my friend Neil pointed out it makes much more sense to go for teleportation cus if you think about it, flying is just a series of almost infinitely small teleportations in space time. So teleportation I guess.

SHOBMX – left or right?

DA – my heart is saying right

SHOBMX – what do you think of the blog?

DA – your blog? it’s wonderful. great name.


SHOBMX – plans for the rest of 2011?

DA – We are gonna do a show at The Hope in Brighton on Thursday 19th May to road test a load of new material – then we are gonna lock ourselves away for the summer and record an album. Hopefully that will get released before the end of the year. The first single of the record is called Usher and it should be out around the end of the summer. Until then our current single ‘My Beautiful Machines’ is on itunes and all the other digital music shops and there may still even be a few vinyl copies floating about. Check out our web for details of everything 


SHOBMX – describe your music in 10 or less words….

DA – The stuff that has been released so far is: catchy, disco-tinted popular music songs. The yet to be released record is: mind-blowing!



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