SHOBMX vs Mr Scruff

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July 12, 2012 by sshhoobbmmxxbblloogg

Continuing our whimsical romp through the world of interviewing well known types, heres the interview I did with Mr Scruff. As an additional treat, and seeing as Mr Scruff is famous a tea fanatic, he even found time to include the definitive cuppa “recipe” : enjoy!

SHOBMX –  who are you, and what do you do?

SCRUFF – Mr. Scruff, I play tunes, make tunes, draw cartoons & drink tea.

SHOBMX – tiger or shark?

SCRUFF – shark-fish, the hungry underwater dustbin with teeth. I eat tiger bread.

SHOBMX – you hold a dinner party – you and 5 others…

SCRUFF – my wife, daughter & 3 friends. keep it simple!

SHOBMX – favorite band / DJ / collective

SCRUFF – floating points has been floating my boat recently, so i will say him. a very enthusiastic & inspiring producer & dj.

SHOBMX – guilty crush?

SCRUFF – the queen mother

SHOBMX –  if you had a superpower, what would it be and why?

SCRUFF – the ability to wake up properly in the morning.

SHOBMX – you are famed for marathon DJ sets, and your self imposed ethos of pushing yourself…. has there ever been a point where you have gone too far?

SCRUFF – there was a 12 hour beach party DJ set in barcelona, from midnight-noon, but by 10am everyone was melting with the heat!

SHOBMX – first record you bought?

SCRUFF – ‘green door’ by shakin’ stevens

SHOBMX – how much do you hate/dislike the “nu-jazz” tagline that you seem to constantly be put in with?

SCRUFF – it is pretty rubbish, but 15 or so years ago it was ‘trip hop’ which is just as bad. to be honest, i have too much fun skipping around genres to worry about which one i get put in.

SHOBMX – what are your plans for the rest of 2011?

SCRUFF – get an album finished, release some 12″ singles, do plenty of gigs & have fun!

SHOBMX – your “potato style” of artwork has become synonymous with you and your records and live shows. any chance of a compilation of all your drawings / cartoons in one handy book?

SCRUFF – maybe in the future, a kind of ‘retrospective’ thing.

SHOBMX –  have you seen our blog? it’s sketchy, but all our own work. thoughts? from an artistic view point?

SCRUFF – sketchy, but you are having fun! i like the name as i used to ride a bmx, and i guess that you like mogwai..

SHOBMX – has this been an enjoyable waste of 10 minutes of your life?

SCRUFF – indeed it has, a good time for a brew & a quick skive.


And as promised, heres a step-bystep guide to “The Perfect Cuppa” by Mr Scruff;

1.    Boil the kettle with fresh reboiling!
2.    Warm the can do this by pouring in a little warm water from the kettle while it is boiling, swishing it around & emptying it. This will help keep your brew warm for longer, essential for forgetful types like myself!
3.    Pour milk into the cup. If this offends you, you can add it later.
4.    Take a spoon (tablespoons are best, but a teaspoon will do)
5.    Place the teabag on the spoon, and hold it horizontally over the mug.
6.    When the kettle has boiled, hold it over the teabag, and pour as slowly as possible from as high as possible, without making the water splash upwards off the teabag. If you are doing this correctly, you will see little bubbles in the teabag, which is a sign of the oxygen in the boiling water doing its job.
7.    When the cup is full, add the milk if you have not done so, and examine your brew. If your tea is the correct colour (mine is a kind of brick red/malty brown) then you can discard the teabag. If it is not strong enough for your taste, then delicately lower the teabag onto the top of the tea, and slip the spoon out from under it. Leave it there until the brew is strong enough, and gently remove the bag with the spoon. There is no need to stir the bag or squash it in any way..tease the flavour out!
8.    Add sugar/salt/cheese/pickle to taste.
9.    Sit down & enjoy your brew!
10.     Repeat from stage 1.

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