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July 12, 2012 by sshhoobbmmxxbblloogg

This here is an interview conducted by email with Travis Keller, head honcho of Buddyhead.  Props to him for taking the time to do it… read it below


SHOBMX – Who are you and what do you do?
TK – I’m Travis Keller and I do as little as possible.

SHOBMX – Tiger or Shark?
TK- Jaws.


SHOBMX – Guilty Musical Pleasure?
TK – Jenny O – Well OK Honey
Bell Biv Devoe – Poison
Huey Lewis And The News – Heart And Soul –


SHOBMX –  Are there any bands / acts you wished you had signed to Buddyhead?


TK- Ones that sell albums.


SHOBMX- What are your plans for the new label?


TK – To release records that my friends make that most likely otherwise wouldn’t get released. The first record Miracle is releasing is Jesse Hughes of Eagles Of Death Metal’s solo debut entitled Boots Electric – “Raped By Miracles” (which originally was going to be the name of the label but our distro wasn’t so amped on it, so I shortened it to just Miracle) 12 inch. It’s a 6 song EP, all covers. Jesse tackles songs from T Rex, Love & Rockets, Queens of the Stone Age, Oilvia Newton John, Steve Miller Band and Amy Winehouse. It’s gonna be tits.


SHOBMX –  Left or Right?
TK – Wrong.

SHOBMX – You hold a dinner party… you and five guests…. name them five
TK – David Lee Roth, Noel Gallagher, Axl Rose, Izzy Stradlin & Bob Dylan.

SHOBMX – Favorite joke?
TK – Chris Pennie just told me this one. Q: What do you say to a chick with no arms and no legs? A: Nice tits.

SHOBMX – Plans for the rest of 2011?
TK – Finish my book, put out some records, have an incredible time and not die.

SHOBMX –  Do you have a weird famous crush?
TK – Nope. Not into famous people.

SHOBMX – What do you think about DIY nerdy fanboy blogs like ours?
TK – I don’t.

SHOBMX – Favorite Buddyhead prank?


TK- The prank call to Fat Mike where we called him as a major label and asked him if he wanted to trade Swinging Utters for Hoobastank, it was gonna be on the Buddyhead suicide sampler but I lost the fucking tape. My bad.


SHOBMX – Favorite SHAT song?
TK – It’s a tie between “If She Has A Kid, You Know She Fucks” and “Tit Fuck”.

SHOBMX – Complete the sentence… “Metalcore / Nu Metal is….”


TK – stupefied.


If you dig the way Travis effortlessly battled through those real high brow questions, hit him up at


HTTP://TWITTER.COM/BUDDYHEAD but don’t be a douche, because his rage is frightening, yo.





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