The (S)Hit List… Music To Make You Curse Your Ability To Hear…

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July 12, 2012 by sshhoobbmmxxbblloogg


so… SHOBMX, we’re known for being pretty outspoken, almost to the point of rudeness. but sometimes you just got to. the majority of our venom is usually reserved for hispters, they of impossibly bad taste and supposed cool.

occasionally, however, we take the time to look at things that make us wish we did a double Van Gogh. here are some musical attrocities that should be automatically blasted into a lava pit….

  1. Odd Future – hyped to fuck, lame and lazy rhymes. Too liberal with the pseudo-shocking homophobia.
  2. Jessie J – one minute she is urban and edgy, the next she is asinine and pop, but she is always an exercise in marketing ploys and boardroom alchemy.
  3. Adele – she can sing granted, very well in fact. But theres this whole cockney sparrow woe is me tip…. completely false and just makes me want to incinerate the whole East End
  4. Katy B – On a mission… to make what was already a dying genre (dubstep) want to go to the nearest Dignitas…??
  5. Arctic Monkeys – for not writing a decent melody since 2005.
  6. any dubstep released post 2008.
  7. any brighton band i have never seen live…. there’s a reason for that
  8. any band that has the words DALSTON, SHOREDITCH or NU-LONDON on their biog…. all i see in it’s place is CYNICAL, CONTRIVED, CUNTS
  9. Bad techno
  10. Ironic tee shirts / old merch on hipster bands.
  11. My band…. see, self critical as ever



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