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July 12, 2012 by sshhoobbmmxxbblloogg

being as i am, a consummate and highly professional misery guts… it seemed unlikely ANYONE would ever take a risk on having me write for them.
luckily, there are such mavericks still out there.

DIGITALbungalow is a website, run by my bestyfriendy and her beau. they focus on all things kitsch, ace, retro throwback and up to the minute.

so, I took chance to write a little piece about bands beiung hard up, and hitting the comeback trial. you can read it below, but why not also VISIT DIGITALBUNGALOW  ??



DIGITAL bungalow is mad crazy in love with Super Heroes of BMX. Awesome, outspoken, outlandish and downright outta-this-world, we’re chuffed to bits to have a guest blog from the infamous man-with-an-opinion that is Hockey Temper of @SHOBMX.

All hail:

So with a heavy heart I feel sad to announce Westlife‘s “amicable” separation after fourteen years and countless #1 hits. Perhaps the mediocrity of endless power ballads and sore buttocks from perpetually sitting on stools took their toll. Perhaps they just need a break, so that they can return in the near- to mid-future via the wonderful medium that is THE REUNION TOUR.

There has been a sharp upturn in the reunion of late. Some have been an unmitigated success, The New York Dolls were coaxed out of limbo by indie disco crown princeMorrissey. The Dolls subsequently bitch-slapped the Meltdown festival, released a few records and reminded folk just how vital songs like Jet Boy, Trash and Vietnamese Baby were and remain to be.

Man crush du jour Gary Barlow decided that whilst living off the royalties of mid-90s glories was all well and good, what the world really needed was a Take That reunion. The hype, the rumours, the Robbie-isms… pah! Take That were ace then, and like a decent Beaujolais better with age. A new vigour, a new elder statesmen of pop aesthetic… the result? Solid gold.

But for every winner, there has to be a loser. The list of boybands / girlbands trying to snaffle a slice of the pie was monumental…
New Kids on The Block
Another Level
East / E17
Bananarama (yes! really) to name but a few…

The Darkness are back together too. Because the world really was missing high pitched dad-rock.

Which brings me nicely onto THE STONE ROSES. A band that dressed like off-duty painters and decorators, spoke like gorillas after a stroke and who’s average man ethic couple with ripping off most music from the 25 years preceding them was legendary. They nicked the fusion of danceable beats, prominent low-end and shimmering guitars from A Certain RatioSection 25 and various other Factory bands. They were lazy swines too, five years between LP #1 and LP #2…

A slew of 40-somethings will probably be moist at the idea of a Stone Roses reunion, ditto scene concious 25-year-olds who were barely weaned off breast milk when the Roses got big. But what will they ultimately achieve? A few quid in the bank? A rise in a Best-Of compilation?

Certainly no esteem or upsurge in their relevance. They were better when they were silent……. over and out.

Read more from the gloriously opinionated XXX at @CATHDISCBTON over on Twitter

**Note**: Db accept no responsibility for XXXX’s opinions or rude words on his own blog. He’s a terribly naughty boy … and we love him!


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