when @SHOBMX asked @bumblebeez some questions…

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July 12, 2012 by sshhoobbmmxxbblloogg


words, revelations and good old chin wagging with Bumblebeez head honcho Christopher Colonna >>>

hello, howdy and bienvenue! who are you, and what do you do?

Hi I am Christopher Colonna and I am a pirate

a fight between a giant crab and a shark breaks out in the sea…. who wins?

The crab wins cause it would pull the shark backwards and sharks drown if you do this

BUMBLEBEEZ music has been called everything from noise-hop to indietronica to just straight up indie with rapped vox. Seeing as it’s your band, what do you call the BBZ sound?

I think we are a collage of the world,with dirt and punk.

You guys are from the town of Braidwood, NSW. From the little info I have found, its not the biggest, nor culturally progressive of places. How did / does / will smalltown experiences (or lack of them) influence your work?

I havent been there for a while but i had a dope studio there so it ws more the space i had around me and the feeling of not giving a rats about anything else and just do what u want to do

Phillipe Zdar off of Cassius mixed “Prince Umberto…” LP. Did you find his style complimentary to your sound, given he is very bassline-centric and of a different school to most others?

He is the king.i love him so

He has magic and it not techincal magic it more the sorcery kind..

What is a microphone disease?

it just the relationship  between voice and amplification and when u miss the mic the lips become fragile.

Who is your dream collaborator? Or have you already worked with them?

i would like to make a beat for nas

Queen ViLa or Pia to your folks, is obviously your sister, and bandmate. I can just about stomach a meal with my siblings… how do you guys do it?

i havent seen her for a while , i will see her this summer and tell you how it goes

The artwork and videos have always been a major draw to me. Does it come quite easily to you, making these cut and paste videos and sleeves, that seem spot on with the sound inside?

yeah i love art and making shitty things,there is an art to making something shit and budget…i like this….

Australia has produced some big names over the last 10, 15 years; Wolfmother, Jet, Silverchair etc… though these success stories are all bands who just wanna be like Led Zeppelin, The Stooges or Nirvana. the more creative bands like Bumblebeez, Rocket Science etc are often over-looked. Do you feel aggrieved or is it more important for you to be creatively consistent?

i dont get whats going on…and just let it be as soon as u taste it….it like a poison and overcomes u and fucks ya head up

Who are your top tips for underground Aus / NZ /Oceaniac bands/DJs…. we like to source and big up new music, rather than rape it to hype like Pitchfork, Triple J, Fader etc….

i like wordlife; they did a dope remix for our cowboy ep

What was the first record you ever stole, bought, borrowed?

some jazz record from the op shop……..JAZZZZZZZZ

What would be surprised to find out about you?

right now i am in copenhagen in vesterbro drinking a cup of tea

Lefty or Righty?


Complete the hipster baiting sentence…. “All Hipsters Are……”

below the stomach of the world


end of interrogation

deets >>>  http://twitter.com/bumblebeez or http://www.thebumblebeez.com/


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