when SHOBMX took on the NME (and essentially won because they had NO comeback) ///////

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July 12, 2012 by sshhoobbmmxxbblloogg

here is a copy of an email sent from SHOBMX base camp to those lovely folks at the New Musical Express. suffice to say they were too busy collectively masturbating over some shitty student band to take the time to reply, and as such this piece of reactionary scribing would have gone un-seen, un-heard and UNPUBLISHED… the shitehawks!



From: superheroes of bmx (superheroes_of_bmx@hotmail.com)
Sent: 09 June 2011 10:24:21
To: letters@nme.com

dear NME,

when will you become relevant again? when, oh when?

when the north rises? when hell freezes over? when Tyler, The Creator makes a decent tune that isn’t steeped in white America baiting hyperbole. all you do is hype, hype monolithically AWFUL music, approved by pointlessly asinine, vanilla people. for vanilla people.

out of every 1000 band / artist we have heard recommended… 99.827744% are uninspired, useless, vapid, completely without independent thought.

why not eschew the cooler than thou hipster agenda, perhaps delve deeper…?

the surface CAN be scratched.

there is little chance this will be read, let alone taken on board or even replied to.

we do NOT want this published, unless you are prepared to be held accountable for all the dross.

we DO however, expect a reply.

oh and a little tip, not everyone who is “different” or from an art school background is a cunt.

we have had ZERO help from anyone, and we get along quite nicely.

now go and listen to whatever shite pollutes your office space, and think about how best to appease the growing bed of disgruntled, cheated music fans.

kisses, contempt and a hope (misguided)





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