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August 2, 2012 by sshhoobbmmxxbblloogg

Greetings ingrates, pigheads, hipsters, goths, spook kids and layabout slackers…

Whilst the usual tact with an open letter is to make some sort of heroic, admirable stance, I find it increasingly hard to do so without the burning pit of my stomach aching and twitching, flailing about in utter disgust.

The state of this city is in decline, and whilst people can comment either way about economic difficulty, or a lack of new business… really it stems from YOU.

Without all the clique bullshit, fake friendships and god awful VANILLA music, without all the pastoral faux twee-ness, without all the Instagram bullshit photography and would be designers WE COULD FUNCTION BETTER.
NO ONE CARES about your shitty band, playing some shitty night. NO ONE CARES that you got some tee shirts printed; what are you Hedi Slimane? Fuck you…. you’re a try hardpretending to be something relevant.

All CATHOLIC DISCIPLINE has ever tried to do is make money. NOT for ourselves but for every single venue we grace with our presence. We could give less of a fuck about self promotion, or making ourselves look cool. Being cool is for fucktards, posers with nothing more substantial in their lives than how many facebook FRIENDS they have.
All WE want to do is make people dance, to drink, to party like partying isn’t a prerequisite of being lame.

Truth is we’ll never make it to the top of the Holy Mountain, we’ll be stuck in relative obscurity, only raising an eyebrow with words and posts like this. But if hitting the apex is how we think it will be; we’d rather set ourselves on fire and burn at the foot hill…..



over, and fucking out……………………………………..


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