MONDAY DEMI-AFTERNOON FRENCH TOUCH: Cassius >> 1999 (1999, Virgin)

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October 15, 2012 by sshhoobbmmxxbblloogg

I love me some French Touch (or French House, Neu-Funk or whatever you wanna call it… The House de Crecy Built par example?). My love for the collective works of Guy-Man de Homem-Christo  &Thomas Bangalter, as Daft Punk, Le Knight Club, TB, Together or  Stardust is semi-legendary in my DJ sets.

But my other big FrancoAudio love is CASSIUS. I fell for Zdar and Boom Bass in ’99 when Cassius1999 was unleashed. 1999 was such a vital record for establishing a more disco orientated house sound into an increasingly tech-fuelled scene. The title track was a filtered gem, and the Gwen McRae sampling Feeling For You brought up-pitched vocals to the forefront years before Kanye.

The video is pretty sweet to, if in no small part due to the lead actor’s amazing zebra stripe pantaloons!

enjoy, mes amis! xo


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