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November 5, 2012 by sshhoobbmmxxbblloogg

It’s been a while since I interviewed anyone for the site, been a bit slack with my brand of hard hitting journalism. But I’m back and ready to bring you good folk interesting comments from seriously interesting artists.

Kicking off this new wave of Qs and As is Brian Jonestown Massacre head honcho Anton Newcombe;


1. Who are you, and what do you do?

i am my mothers son and i work for my father.

2. You live in Berlin with your wife now. Does / wil the city’s deep rooted electronic music scene influence the BJM sound at all?

good question – you may not know this,but i started very ealy with electronic music,the first things i bought as a teenager were roland and korg synths.the thing is,i did not for see a day when they would transend gay culture and the became so disgusting in the 1980s i felt like i needed to focus on my roots in psychedelic music and learn organic approaches to recording.
 having said that,i’m interested in making music,all kinds of music.

3. The BJM is famously prolific with typically one new release every twelve months or so. Is this because you have so many ideas going on, or because you need to punch a hole in the constantly stagnant music scene?

seems a little pointless for me to take stock at this time.i have a solid work ethic,meaning i create for the joy and reciprication.kind of like i create some love,it goes out in the world,and people interact with it,find some kind of enjoyment of feeling from it,then they in turn express their appriciation back and i receive guess is it may be a self love cycle not unlike i would imagine the motivation for god to be.

4. The BJM is known for it’s revolving door membership and fluctuating core. Does the come-and-go fluidly lend itself to more free forming creativity within a band? Or is it a bit of a buzz kill?

i just make up ideas,the process is not chained to any one person or persons,place or time.

5. You are often called a  pre-eminent force in the Neo-Psychedelia revival, the dark West Coast force to the more genteel sounds coming from Elephant 6 in Athens, GA. The wave of bands that followed owe a lot to the BJM, but do you think you are given enough credit for moulding a new way of looking back, musically speaking? the end of the day i’m not asking for pity as i don’t have cancer,and not asking for praise as i’m just creating art,not saving people from burning buildings.

6. If you could collaborate with anyone (dead or alive)…. who? and why?

good question – i would like to work with all kinds of people i believe who have mad skills and do it regularly.make shit happen big time.

7. Most people want to ask about DiG! or The Dandy Warhols…. On average how many overly personal questions do you receive still, some six or seven years on?

many,but i don’t mind,i just move the conversation along to something worthwhile or i leave it.

8. What are your plans for 2013?

play a few concerts,one here in berlin as a means of being ready to play one in tokyo,i have to teach the guys a few new songs that by that time will have come out as records.i producing loads of bands and going nuts with our label. yada yada yada.

9. What are your top five recommendations for getting people into psych / garage / 60s stuff that isn’t “the hits”?

well i dunno – but here are some slamming tracks:

the eyes
the factory
steve morgen
J.K. & Co.
art guy

i could go on and on

10. A lot of your EP/LP releases are puns on other bands / records. Is it a tongue in cheek thing, or a way to get in people’s heads?

i don’t watch tv or junk like that, i like to amuse myself.

11. We (as a site) are always looking for cool, unknowns to blog about. Are there any cool Berlin groups we should know about?

i am releasing an album by an outlaw band from bejing,china on my record label – Birdstriking (check them out)

twitter Anton at @antonnewcombe


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