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It’s always fascinating to see the past resonating in the present, whether it be through art, political rehashing or music. With that in mind, looking at the records that helped shape the formative years of people is a really great way to “get” them.

And thus a new part of this little site was born… THE SOUNDS THAT SHAPED ME.
The inaugural contributor is ’77 veteran, journalist and all round northern hero, John Robb;


1. Stranglers – Rattus Norvegicus (aka Stranglers IV) – United Artists, 1977.
“…this was my big intro to the punk wars, i was 15 living in blackpool and was reading about punk, i loved anarchy in the uk and new rose and the ramones but there was something about the stranglers that really got under your skin- the lysergic outsider spirit really hooked in with us!…”

2. The Beatles – The White Album (aka The Beatles) – Apple, 1968
“…a breathtaking variation of songs with added mystical weirdness, best psych music ever and some great rock n roll- this is the Beatles record that never dates…~

3. Killing Joke – Killing Joke – EG Records, 1980
“…intense, feral, raw, belligerent mix of punk and disco—the ultimate post punk album…”

4. Stone Roses – Stone Roses – Silvertone Records, 1989
“…the best debut album of all time? perfect british guitar pop that changed a generation!”

5. Bauhaus – In The Flat Field – 4AD, 1980
“…dirty dub disco and way ahead of the game, written out of history but true innovators…”

6. Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures – Factory Records – 1979
“…you cant bet much more northern than this album, poetic beauty played out in the bleak post industrial backdrop of manchester…”

7.  Captain Beefheart – Trout Mask Replica – Straight / Reprise, 1969
“…feral blues mashed into free jazz with black humour proving that you CAN!!!”

8.Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry
“…because dub is king and Jamaica is the beating heart of innovative music…”

9. The Stooges
“…because Iggy is the real king of rock n roll and the asheton brothers are the funkiest MF’s ever!!”

10. The Doors –  The Doors – Elektra, 1967
“…because i fancy some baroque action!”

“…it wasn’t always music though – Bruce Lee films, spaghetti westerns, rainy day Brit pin stripe gangster movies, Spike Milligan, national geographic…”


check out John’s stellar site at or tweet him at



  1. Rob J says:

    A sterling collection of influences, John has impeccable taste.
    I agree with his choice of Iggy as the real King Of Rock’n’Roll.
    If there are any trio of rock albums that have matched “The Stooges”, “Fun House” and the demonic “Raw Power”, come back and let me know.

    The Pistols,Joy Division,Swans,Jane’s Addiction,Suicide,Black Flag,Primal
    Scream, Nirvana, Pixies woould not have existed without them.

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