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November 23, 2012 by sshhoobbmmxxbblloogg

Part three of our ongoing delve into the record boxes of the mind.
This time is SSHHOOBBMMXXBBLLOOGG veterans, Montreal noise makers and all round rad as fuck peens (+1 vageen) Jesuslesfilles;


Martin listened to every Metallica album back in 89 – before the black album
That song by Def Leppard that stayed for 56 weeks at Combat des clips on Musiqueplus
Doolittle by the Pixies
Trop precieux by Les Wampas (adorable French punk)
That compilation by Minor Threat
Ramonesmania (that compilation)
The expo about Andy Warhol at Musee des Beaux-Arts in Montreal in 2008
The song Molly’s Lips by the Vaselines
Sodomies Oddities vol.1 by Ariel Pink
Rumors by Fleetwood Mac (and the SiriusXM channel 80s on 8 when we rent a car)


for more, hit up;


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