November 25, 2012 by sshhoobbmmxxbblloogg

This is installment number four of an ongoing series.
This time we delve into the murky backwaters of Icarus Line frontman Joe Cardamone’s past, via people, records and places.

check it;


1 – Los Angeles –  My city, my hometown

2 – Decline of the Western Civilization – my first punk music experience

3 – River Phoenix – No one knows this but I spent an afternoon with him as a young buck and he turned me on to Black Flag and Fear. A week later he was dead. I had no idea who he was until he was dead.

4 – Velvet Underground – White Light / White Heat – The guitar sounds and playing on this record hit me hard, It had a huge impact on my playing / writing

5-  The Holy Mountain – Lately parts of this film have lent a visual aid to the process of writing and recording our newest record

6 – Captain Beefheart – There really isn’t a bad era by him and his paintings are great too

7 – Breaking Bad – it’s great show and we all get to live a life vicariously through Walt. It always seems like I am one bad week away from it anyway

8 – Giorgio Moroder – His soundtrack work and album production continues to impress me. The Scarface soundtrack is so unnerving

9- Travel – I think I have grown more through playing music around the world over the last decade than I could have by staying put

10 – My Family


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  1. Undine says:

    – the Blood Brothers’ original 7″
    – Raspberry Bulbs
    – Taylor Bow
    – Anomie (the only hardcore band from Tx on par)
    – Propagandhi before Todd the Rod
    – J Church
    – Violent Ramp
    – 3rd & Army by Breakfast
    – Samhain
    – Maybe I’ll Catch Fire by the Alkaline Trio
    – Queen

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  3. Ian Gardner says:

    WELCOME! to the blog “Mo-Ments or Idle Thoughts”. Best wishes to you on your journey of life.:-)

  4. Diana says:

    Hey, fellow music-lover ! Thanks for visiting.

  5. Love Breaking Bad, so sad it’s ending…

  6. Thanks for dropping by and liking my blog. I’m pretty much a case of Arrested Development when it comes to music. However, I shall pass this site on to my sons both very much into music.

  7. Laurie Nichols says:

    Hey, thanks for visiting and following! I think that it’s great that you played around the world, if I could play that would be the life to lead, the traveling musician.:)

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