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November 28, 2012 by sshhoobbmmxxbblloogg

A late night post from a late night kinda guy. This one comes from my hetero-life-partner, drinking buddy, production assistant, DJ cohort and besty pally Drew Symes aka Dru Cipher aka Dame Judi Hench aka Baron Von Sexyback.


“I tried very hard to get this to a manageable list, self imposed limit of 10, it could have been late 80’s early 90’s indie, it could have been early grunge, metal and god knows what else… but this is the list, or at least this is the list of sounds that shaped me right at this moment in time…”

1) Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay – Otis Redding
why? because it was the first song I ever owned. a gift from my favourite uncle. (who later gave me a load of ELO on vinyl a few weeks later… its all his fault) its a great song, no-one can hate this song.

2) Midlife Crisis – Faith No More
why? ok, i just had bought the album, went to sandbanks for a smoke and drink in the sun with 2 friends, said I had just bought Angel Dust… they thought I meant drugs. I love the song as much as I did then. I gave my vinyl copy of this song away some years ago… idiot.

3) Say Hello, Wave Goodbye – Soft Cell  
why? I have loved the album this song comes from for years and years, however, this song was a break up from a girlfriend, a particularly bad one and one I was completely at fault for.

4) Devil Got My Woman – Skip James (has to be the 1930’s recording)
why? without the Blues we wouldn’t have rock as we know it and this song is beautiful, if I had to select one blues song to be saved above all others, it would be this one.  The “Tracy’s Face scene” in Manhattan, if that was me, it would be this rather than Potato Head Blues that I would say makes life worth living.

5) Let’s Get Lost – Chet Baker
why? I like jazz and Chet will always be one of my favourites, I so almost went with My Funny Valentine for Chet, but this song is just that smidgen better, in my old job I had a picture of Chet Baker playing trumpet in place of the company ambitions, much more important.

6) Victoria – The Kinks
why? I love the whole 60’s music scene and I really could have picked any song from a thousand artists, but the Kinks remind me of a really dear friend, Simon

7) Lipgloss – Pulp
why? a nod to that 90’s indie, the first Pulp record I owned, nights out in Bournemouth with some awesome friends, some of which were the catalyst of my move to Brighton… and Jarvis Cocker writes some amazing lyrics, like musical equivalent of 50/60’s kitchen sink dramas.

8) Famous Blue Raincoat – Leonard Cohen
why? remember the girl behind number 3? well this song will always remind me of her, we broke up in December, the last time I saw her she handed me a letter which started with the opening lyrics of this song.

9) Between The Bars – Elliott Smith
why? Simply because this is my all time favourite song… if I had to choose.

10) Invitation to the Blues – Tom Waits
why? Tom Waits is my favourite singer/songwriter, Small Change is my favourite of his albums and this song is my favourite on the album, for me its impossible to not play this song in my head with a film noir like video, its so descriptive in the lyrics.

“There are so many songs and memories that could have gone on this list, so many songs that remind me of people and moments that make me who I am… but these are the 10 for today, aske me tomorrow and at least 7 of these will be different.…”


lovers, brothers, sisters, hipsters, rock and roll philistines and non-believers, y’all can all TWEET Drew here >>> @dru_cipher


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