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December 8, 2012 by sshhoobbmmxxbblloogg


so not strictly new, BUT criminally under acknowledged IN MY HUMBLE OPINION.
GLK makes what can only really be described as music for the third eye holders, a DJ and laptop experimentalist, electronics blending and battling for space amongst samples, beats heavier than Kat Denning’s left boob, and a seemingly punk rock disregard for “formulas”.

which makes him a FUCKING HERO in my book!

Sept 2012 saw the debut LP drop on an unsuspecting public. “Breakthrough” (out on Flying Lotus’s BRAINFEEDER label) was hideously misunderstood and down marked by supposed tastemakers and critics, maybe you  just need to be a bit, uh.. damaged  to get it. I dunno. Basically its 17 tracks of library sounds, samples, live instrumentation filtered through a batshitmental mind and incorporating all and everything from psych, world music, soul, blues, alt hip and any other thing that can be utilized.
you can also check out GLK here O)))
or do some twitterizing, homes @GASLAMPKILLER


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