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The snow may be falling outside, but shit gets done here. Takin’ care of business like BTO never could. So here’s another killer installment of everyones favourite record collection snoop THESOUNDSTHATSHAPEDME…. this week its Giant Drag / PNP / fan of our work Annie Hardy
>> Annie+Hardy

-The Beatles: I hated what my mom liked musically, I still do. I used to hate the oldies but I always liked The Beatles. People who say they don’t are total posers and musicians who can’t appreciate this band are usually terrible. They practically invented the song. They sang, harmonized, wrote, played and went off like no other in a time where nobody was doing all that shit at once. As I get older I get to rediscover a new favorite aspect of the Beatles including a favorite Beatle on rare occurrence… I don’t think this Beatle will ever be Ringo though. He taught me never to let the drummer write the songs, I never ever will. 

-Guns n Roses: My dad’s casette of GnR Lies was the first really dangerous, rock n roll feeling record I ever got my hands on. I felt like I was breaking the rules just by looking at the artwork and it was that exhilarating feeling that has made me do every bad thing I have and continue to do to this day. How can you not want to break the rules when it sounds like this? Even acoustic jams sound hard.

-Nirvana: In junior high I was so angst-ridden and ready to scream. Now a classic rock band with only 3 full-length records, I don’t listen to Nirvana anymore but looking back at the time when I did, when they were putting new records out and I was extremely bummed on life I am reminded a. that when you’re a loser in school it’s actually a good thing because you’re life begins when it’s over and the cool kids peak in high school and b. they were a very exciting and (I’ll use this word again) dangerous band. They screaming Cobain vocal took place in what was an undeniable pop song at it’s core’s setting and to say that this band and the 90’s in general didn’t influence me greatly would be a great and laughable lie.

-Babes In Toyland: This band went off I thought. Although I merely have the on-call memory of one of their songs in my vast brain cave of memories, I always wanted to sing/scream like Kat Bjelland and always wanted to know how the fuck you pronounce that crazy last name as well

-Hole: I can’t even front like I didn’t back hole hard. BACK HOLE, hahaha! Yeah. I think I am SUPER INFLUENCED BY HOLE. I GOTTA HAVE MY HOLE. Sorry, but yeah… Imagine if 14 year old me knew that Courtney Love told me she liked my music and that I literally saw Erik Erlandson last night at my new band PNP’s first show, she’d trip!

-Misfits: What a game changer! All the songs I learned to play guitar with (see The Beatles) were SO hard out of those fake books, then I saw Misfits tabs on the internet after it was invented and I immediately wrote a 16 song medley and rocked twice as hard. Fucking Danzig is the reason I hired my last managers, so not all he does is genius. But fuck, I love it.

-The Descendants: I still love the undeniably catchy riffs and hooks of this band. It’s the Orange County in me. I hate those songs about drive thru’s and farts. Nearly ruins Silly Girl and Clean Sheets.

-Danzig: both the good Danzig albums (II IV and some of Lucifuge…is that 7?) were so rad and scary. When I was a teenager I got really stoned and went to see Danzig on Mother’s Day and after the show I waited in line to get his autograph (only time I have ever done that) and when I got up to the bus to meet him two giant crackhead Barbie’s from space walked by and then, there he was… short and Danziggy and emanating the essence of Satan himself. I was so scared of Danzig I thought to touch him meant I’d be possessed by the dark lord so I took the autograph and got the fuck out of there.

-Gun Club: I’m surprised I’ve ever heard of this band, especially having heard of them in San Clemente in 1998. I love Fire Of Love and I officially knew about this band before every poser in the icarus line/buddyhead did… yeah I just did that, highschool style! People today think nerds are cool so I’m trying to instill fear in all posers, nerds, dorks and otherwise lame asses via aggressive and unnecessary truths.

-PNP (Best Band In The World): YES, my own band! After a very traumatic “life lesson” last year I rediscovered my love for music and my new band PNP started the very day this process did. I am alive again and this band is the first breath of oxygen I’d had in over a decade. Giant Drag really was one and PNP stands for Party & Play (you’ll find this lingo exclusively used by homosexuals in men seeking men Craigslist ads) and I’m having fun again and I feel a dangerous and talented as anyone else on this list at the best moments. We go off and I love so much my newest musical hole-mate Monica Barcicki who shreds so hard and rips on drums and in general rules so hard I can’t even believe she has a vagina but I know she’s got one (no homo) and I hope other people can handle how sick this shit is.

If you dig this check out Annie on the twitter @AnnieHardy or her label at


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