new music for the children – Reichenbach Falls ( @rbachfalls )

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March 7, 2013 by sshhoobbmmxxbblloogg

you think the new wave of folk, and immediately you are disheartened by thoughts of mediocre, over earnest faux authenticity, a la Mumford&Sons, Noah and The Whale, Lumineers etc… Music so bland, you’d find more depth in a Jedward press e-kit.

Oxfordshire octet Reichenbach Falls are taking the folk back from middle class idiocy and dinner party chatter and making it about what matters; heartache, regret and tales of the broken spirit.

They’ve just unleashed a new EP which you can stream HERE
I shall be reviewing said EP in more detail this week for work (for The405), but in short…..

it is fucking ace!!!!!!

check out the brilliant video for “Risky” above, and check these guys out via the bandcamp link, or on the twitter @Rbachfalls




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