April 12, 2013 by sshhoobbmmxxbblloogg

Reichenbach Falls –
I’ll Never Go Anywhere Without Her Now (EP)

There’s a trend at the moment in music to appropriate old styles, to regress to more pastoral sounds. The current wave of faux folk is making big bucks for many a trite, tired sounding band (Mumford&Sons, Lumineers et al).

But not every band is happy to bandwagoneer. Step forward Oxfordshire octet Reichenbach Falls. This is a collective of musicians thinking outside the accepted parameters of what is “folk” or “country rock”. This is a band more in line with Calexico, The Byrds more rodeo friendly moments or even early CSN&Y.

All the key elements are here, mandolin, slide guitar and world weary vocals. But instead of Americana-by-numbers, this is a collection of songs that take the ideas and lead them off to more experimental territory, whilst keeping just enough toes in the water of safety. A hard trick to pull off, but one Reichenbach Falls achieve annoyingly effortlessly.

The opening track “The Best I Could” is a xylophone tinted, pedal steel led autumnal love letter, achingly gorgeous and tender, but with enough balls to stop it from dropping off into insipid dross.

“Risky” (see the video here https://vimeo.com/59225616 ) is an example of alt.folk done right, everything in its right place, nothing seems cluttered (a hard act considering the size of the band),  and at NO point does it descend into quasi-Irish knees up cliché-dom. Win!

If this review has tickled your fancy, why not head over to http://reichenbachfalls.bandcamp.com/ where you can order a physical copy for £4, or a digital one for £3.




  1. killkaties says:

    This song came across my radar a little while ago. Great video too!

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