The SHOBMX Plan To Reclaim Brighton’s Flagging DJ Scene.

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January 26, 2014 by sshhoobbmmxxbblloogg

Very little is known and even less has been said about SHOBMX in recent years.
There’s no mystery, rather a lack of care or attempt to understand on the part of the music press, local venues or even the general public.
And whilst this doesn’t offend us, make us want to prove y’all wrong or even stir our intent, we DO want to come back from our self imposed exile.

As such, THIS is our manifesto.

1. We WILL NOT pander to trends; we play what we feel.
2. No DJ or venue is bigger than the collective opinion of the amassed crowd(s) ; self explanatory.
3. SHOBMX still hate your favourite buzz band(s), you poser ass motherfucker.
4. We WILL compromise ; if a venue isn’t known for more challenging music, we DO have a filter. Musically, if not mentally.
5. DO NOT TALK SHIT ABOUT US. We will find out. And that isn’t gonna end well.
6. We NEVER list bands we don’t love; most Facebook events list a load of stuff hip fucks think makes them sound super into things.
It doesn’t. You sound like a cunt.

So, yeah. Available for weddings, mitzvahs and wakes.


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