SHOMBX asked ANNIE HARDY some questions and then we made a death pact and had pie…

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July 21, 2014 by sshhoobbmmxxbblloogg

SHOBMX – Remind the readers, WHO are YOU? WHAT do you DO?

AH – I’m Annie Hardy, lead singer/guitarist/sole songwriter in Giant Drag and also I’m CEO of Full Psycho: Records. TV. Crafts. Lifestyle. I do cool shit all the time. I make my own guitar knobs with my best friend Monnie called Sknobz Knobs.

SHOBMX – The end of Giant Drag was marked by a wake, documented by a program, like at a funeral. But now GD is back. Is this a comeback, a resurrection or something different?

AH – Well on that tour I realized so much. In fact that farewell tour found me becoming self-actualized and it was a very powerful experience. People all over Europe reached out to help make it possible from the band and our amazing driver Dr Kiko whom you met to Horse in Liverpool who made merch and much more. Anyway seeing all this and actually spending time with fans before and after each show assured me of the purpose of GD and ME which is writing these songs that are a vehicle for a certain type of person to use as a healing catalyst. My songs apparently help people to not feel so all alone in this life and in turn bring us all together which makes us, if only for that little while, not all alone. I had to go to UK to remember where the real fans are at and it revived my willingness to participate in what is a daunting task of a band. I see the reason now and so it’s risen from the dead, not unlike a zombie.

SHOBMX -You are the head of Full Psycho, an umbrella organisation that encompasses music, film, crafts and artistic expression. What prompted you to set up FP?

AH – I was in a very mentally abusive relationship with someone with narcissistic personality disorder and disorganized schizophrenia. I spent a long time totally isolated with this person I didn’t even like and was so confused as to why the fuck and how the fuck it happened. I was rendered inactive musically by this person and had started crafting blindly. When my friend Monnie rescued me from this situation she did so by showing me the fun aspects of music, her and I just jammed for hours and she was a very skilled crafter and all around a joy to be which alone drew me out of a very fucked mental and physical place and I came home to LA where everyone I would come into contact with had some very similar if not identical experiences and we would hang out, make crafts and talk about what had happened to us and through that, not unlike the Giant Drag fans listening to GD songs, we felt not so alone in the world and understood. So Full Psycho was my plan to collaborate with as many people as were interested to help one another heal and have an end product that we could look at afterward. I spent shitloads of money turning my house from normal person home to living art space where one can walk in and create anything their imagination can think of in the form of craft, music, video and now for the last year maybe theres been FP Lifestyle which covers anything records, tv & crafts miss.

SHOBMX – Tell us something that nobody else knows. The weirder the better.

AH – Hmm… well this year I found out I am a shaman and during a shamanic vision quest learned my name is Moon Bear, haha!

SHOBMX – LA / California has always been a hotbed for music, going right back to the late 60’s Laurel Canyon clique. Is it a creative place for you? Or is it just where you’re at geographically?

AH – Its both. Wherever I am is usually a creative place for me or I spend little to no time there. Just ask all my old friends and family that I never see anymore. A lifetime of needlessly living for other people closed me off from my creativity and now that its flowing again I always want to be at FPHQ so I am surrounding by the proper tools to create.

SHOBMX – Tiger vs angry kitty cat. Who wins the fight?

AH -Can’t they just love each other instead of fight?

SHOBMX -We (well, ME) always try to highlight bands, old and new, that the lame fucks at Vice/Pitchfork/NME ignore. Who’s currently rocking your stereo. And for bonus points, who can go eat a bag of dicks?

AH – Gateway Drugs are my favorite new band I’ve seen as of late. I’ve a feeling you’ll be hearing of them over there soon if you haven’t already.

SHOBMX – Will you take GD back into the wilderness (aka England/ Europe) anytime soon?

AH – So yeah I was telling Bobby (drums) and Alvin (bass) last night at the first of GD’s first two shows that we must get back to UK. USA is underwhelmed and the feeling is mutual.

SHOBMX – Do you still hate Chris Isaak for breaking your heart and stealing your childhood?

AH – No I understand now. Its hardly his fault, what with him probably having had to sign a blood oath with the devil to have a hit song and what not. Illuminati… you know.

SHOBMX – If you could be In Bed With Giant Drag with anyone, living/dead, real/fictional… Who would it be and why?

AH – John Lennon and Kurt Cobain and Elliott Smith all in one episode. I think they’re the three best songwriters of the last few decades and I imagine they sort of imagine to be like the one before them a bit, at least I imagine Elliott Smith and Kurt Cobain might think of themselves as similar to Lennon. It’d be interesting to see if they got along and to find out if any of them were narcissists. Probably at least one.

SHOBMX – Am I the coolest Brit you know?
AH -Yeah, definitely in my top ten

SHOBMX – Whats the best/worst/strangest rumour you ever heard about yourself?
AH – I hear I date a lot of weird losers that are different than the weird losers I do date

SHOBMX – Complete the sentence… ” HAPPINESS IS……”

AH – achieved when you learn to control your mind instead of letting it control you



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